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  1. Equipping for Service: Christian Leadership in Church and Society

    Equipping for Service: Christian Leadership in Church and Society

    Equipping for Service, Christian Leadershiop in Church and Socieyu, by Knud Jorgensen, is written out of decades of experience of leading churches and missions in Ethiopia, Geneva, Norway and Hong Kong. Combining the teaching of Scripture with the insights of contemporary management philosophy. He writes in his introduction, 'The intention has been to challenge towards a leadership relevant for work in church and mission, and in public and civil society, with special attention to leadership in Church and organisation'. Learn More
  2. What does Love have to do with Leadership?

    What does Love have to do with Leadership?

    The content of this book is based on research that examines the construct of love from multiple lenses, and particularly in relationship to leadership that transforms. The author’s reasoning in contributing to the vast expanse of books written on the topic of leadership is to seek to examine some of the research concerning the idea of love as a chosen and deliberate aspect of leadership that is transforming. Transforming leadership theory is laden with value. Leadership theorists have identified the need to understand these values. What are the values that are chosen with deliberation that are inherent with this paradigm, leadership that is transformational? What does the research have to say and why is an examination of the research necessary or significant? More specifically, what relevance does this research have to do with one’s own leadership behaviour? Learn More
  3. Transforming Microfinance: A Christian Approach

    Transforming Microfinance: A Christian Approach

    A unique book which chronicles the revealing ‘story' of microfinance,captures the rich diversity of the industry and explores the invaluablecontribution of the Christian faith to this vibrant and fast-growingmulti-billion dollar global business. Professor Sam Afrane, Provost, College of Art and Social Sciences,Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi This book highlights the important role that Christian-based organizations bring to the delivery of financial services for the poor. It is timely, significant and important and deserves a wide circulation. Lord Carey of Clifton, former Archbishop of Canterbury This is an insightful book and documents the work of Christian Microfinance institutions and their impact in a manner that has never been done before. The knowledge generated by the authors shows the diversity of the microfinance industry and will be of great benefit to both Christian and non-Christian readers. Benjamin Nkungi , Chief Executive Officer, Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kenya These case studies comprise top priority reading for anyone employing or wishing to employ microfinance methods for poverty reduction in low-income countries. Professor Emeritus Deryke Belshaw, School of International Economics, University of East Anglia and Director of Oxford Centre for Development Research Learn More
  4. On Eagle’s Wings: Models in Mentoring

    On Eagle’s Wings: Models in Mentoring

    Mentoring has become a buzz word today, but what does it mean and how do you do it. David Cranston looks at the origins of mentoring and then traces some biblical and historical examples before looking at mentoring today. He uses his experience as a consultant surgeon in Oxford along with his church work to look at mentoring and being mentored in the church and workplace. Learn More
  5. Faces of Holistic Mission: Stories of the OCMS Family

    Faces of Holistic Mission: Stories of the OCMS Family

    There is a popular worship song that begins with the refrain ‘look what the Lord has done, look what the Lord has done’. This book does exactly that; it seeks to show what the Lord has done. Fifteen authors from five different continents identify what the Lord has indeed been doing, and continues to do, in their lives. They speak with passion, as each one seeks to bring glory to the Lord for His hand in their lives. Other than God’s grace, the one constant that flows throughout these narratives is that at one point in their journey each author pursued a research degree via Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS) in order to further their very individual calling. These are their stories. Learn More
  6. Good News from Africa: Community Transformation through the Church

    Good News from Africa: Community Transformation through the Church

    This book discusses how sustainable, holistic, community development can be, and is being, achieved through the work of the local church. Leading African development practitioners describe different aspects of development through their own experience. This book brilliantly introduces us to the forgotten ingredient in our collective efforts to serve the poor – the local church. Through the voices of front-line African practitioners we learn how local congregations are playing central roles in holistic, sustainable community transformation – and it’s breath-taking. Matthew Frost, CEO, Tearfund UK All around the world, more and more biblical Christians have embraced holistic mission which combines word and deed, evangelism and social action. The task now is to discover how best to do holistic ministry. This collection of stories of (and reflection on) holistic ministry in Africa is a helpful addition to our growing understanding. Ron Sider, Evangelicals for Social Action Learn More
  7. Mission as Transformation: Learning from Catalysts

    Mission as Transformation: Learning from Catalysts

    David Cranston and Ruth Padilla DeBorst This book is the product of the first Stott-Bediako Forum, held in 2012 with the title Portraits of Catalysts. Its aim was to learn from the stories of Christian leaders whose lives and work have served as catalysts for transformation as each facilitated the intersection between the Good News of Jesus Christ and the context in which they lived, in particular amongst people who are suffering. Learn More
  8. Contextualisation and Mission Training: Engaging Asia’s Religious Worlds

    Contextualisation and Mission Training: Engaging Asia’s Religious Worlds

    Jonathan C. Ingleby, Tan Kang San, Tan Loun Ling and Tan Loun Ling Contextualisation & Mission Training, offers “contextual frameworks” and “explorations” in order to enhance deeper engagement with the complexity of Asian social, cultural and religious systems. When we take contextualisation theories seriously, how does it change the way we prepare and train cross cultural workers? This book seeks to raise pertinent and controversial issues to do with some of the challenges facing the Asian church in engaging with the religious contexts of Asia. Learn More

8 Item(s)