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When Women Speak...,

by Moyra Dale, Cathy Hine, Carol Walker and Carol Walker

Women’s voices are often unheard and unreported; and their place can be controversial. This book brings together the voices of Christian women scholars and practitioners at the nexus of Christianity, mission and Islam. It comes out of the colloquium of the same name, held in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, when twenty-eight women from different nations and nationalities, different ages and theological perspectives, and different religious backgrounds met together – those of Christian background, and also first and second generation Christians of Muslim background. The colloquium grew from a recognition that women’s voices are underrepresented to such an extent that they are almost not present in much of the discussion around missiology and Islam, despite the numbers of women with both significant practical experience, and engaging in higher research and scholarship in the area.

The 20th century should be remembered in missions as the time when women got lost. Over that time, the voices of women missionaries, leaders and facilitators of new Christian movements were all too often excluded from missiological discourse and strategic mission discussion. I hope that this book signals a revival in the contribution of women to mission in a way that values what they have to offer.

Dr Eveleyn Hibbert. Academic Dean Dean at Booth College and Missiologist